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Recommended Reading - ryand ryand Feb 7, 2016 - Merete.Sanderhoff Merete.Sanderhoff Feb 8, 2016 the combined possibilities of offering democratic access for all to virtual hands-on experiences of rare artefacts and heritage sites AND protect the original artefacts/sites from being overrun hold great perspectives. - PGangopadhyay PGangopadhyay Feb 8, 2016 - Jeff.A Jeff.A Feb 9, 2016 - jfoley jfoley Feb 12, 2016 - njohn njohn Feb 14, 2016 Having developed some of the first VR museum exhibition tours in the later 90's, I'm always amused by the regular predictions that "this is the moment for VR/AR to really take off". Sure, the new gen tech is cheaper and easier than ever to create and deploy but the resources required are still limiting access to very large organizations and commercial ventures. However, I'm a junky for this tech and am pleased to see the recent spike in GLAM interest in. Maybe this will truly be the time that VR becomes more mainstream and persistent. Another link to consider: - heathermarie.wells heathermarie.wells Feb 22, 2016